Phemex Invitation Code: GNFLL (Get Sign Up Bonus)

The Phemex invitation code GNFLL can be used to get the best welcome bonus on the exchange. Users simply have to use the code when signing up.

👉 Phemex Invitation CodeGNFLL
💰 Bonus$150
✅ ValidToday
Phemex Invitation Code

How to Get the Phemex Promo Code Bonus

The Phemex bonus code is GNFLL and it needs to be applied when users are creating their account. If an account has already been created, the bonus code cannot be redeemed.

The process is incredibly simple. Let’s go through it now:

  1. The login screen is displayed when users visit the Phemex website. Users can begin the registration process by clicking on the button at the bottom.
  2. When the signup process begins, users need to input their credentials and information. Phemex does not ask for a lot of information, but all information provided must be accurate as it may need to be verified later.
  3. When asked for the referral code, type: GNFLL.
  4. Once users have completed the registration process, they may need to perform verification checks and meet certain conditions to receive the bonus.
  5. Users can then look at various other Phemex promotions to earn additional rewards.

Phemex is often running various promotions to encourage people to continue using Phemex. Let’s take a look at how crypto users can take advantage of them.

Phemex Promotions

Users that already have an account on Phemex can take part in promotions offered by Phemex. While the exchange does not always have promotions running, there are often times when users can enter a giveaway or do a small task to receive a reward.

Usually, promotions enter all the people taking part into a lucky draw and reward a select few. While that may seem like too much work for something that depends entirely on luck, the promotions are usually very easy to enter into and do not require the user putting in a lot of effort.

As such, users should always be on the lookout for when a particular promotion is running. Phemex often runs special promotions during an event or when there is a particular day being celebrated. For example, the exchange may decide to run a promotion on Christmas or on International Women’s Day.

The promotions can be accessed from the top menu bar. The promotions tab not only shows special promotions but also numerous programs that Phemex runs to reward users. Let’s go through the programs.

Phemex Referral Program

The Phemex referral program is for users that want to invite their friends and family to the exchange. Users can head to the referral page through the promotions tab in the top menu and get a referral code.

This code can then be shared with people the user knows to get them to sign up to Phemex. Once the user signs up and completes the requirements for the bonus, both the referral and the referee receive a 10% discount on taker fees for a month.

On top of that, both of the users also receive a cash bonus. Phemex restricts how this cash bonus can be used, but those restrictions mainly apply to withdrawing the bonus. It can be used freely on the exchange without any hassle.

Phemex All-Star Program

The All-Star Program on Phemex is essentially an affiliate program for the exchange. Users have to apply to become an all-star. However, they get to enjoy a lot of benefits and higher commissions once they get accepted.

In the Phemex All-Star program, users can receive up to 50% commissions on the trading fees that are generated by the people they referred to the exchange. The percentage varies on other exchanges, but Phemex claims that the percentage is fixed at 50% for all of its members.

Unlike other exchanges, the commissions are unlimited, meaning that all-stars receive the commissions on all trades generated by their referrals in their lifetime. Users can also invite others to become a member of the all-star program and receive 10% of the commissions earned by them.

Those that are invited by all-star members to the exchange receive the same welcome bonus as users that are invited to the exchange through the referral program.

In order to become an all-star, users must be able to prove that they have access to a considerable base of followers. Once accepted into the program, all the commission earned by the members will be available for instant withdrawals. On top of that, all-stars have access to priority support and supplementary materials to help them invite more people to the exchange.

About Phemex

Phemex is an exchange that prides itself on its simplicity. This is obvious from the very first time that users enter the website. The interface is extremely easy to navigate, and all of the features that are available are immediately obvious.

The focus on simplicity leads to two things. The first is that Phemex is extremely beginner-friendly. In fact, it might be one of the best exchanges for people just getting into crypto. On the other hand, the focus on simplicity also means that there are certain features not available on Phemex.

The main area where Phemex falls behind the competition is DeFi. The exchange takes an approach where it does not branch out to new things, but focuses on the services that it already provides. This is evident from the fact that the exchange still does not have an NFT marketplace, something that is becoming common on crypto exchanges.

Despite this, there is a lot to love on Phemex. Let’s go through some of the main features of the platform.

The Phemex Exchange

Phemex allows its users to purchase crypto with a credit card. There is also an OTC platform where users can purchase or sell crypto through a bank or wire transfer.

However, the shortcomings of the exchange become apparent here. Binance has over 100 methods for users to exchange fiat currency for crypto. Many other exchanges that are smaller in size provide over 20 methods too. On Phemex, however, these are all the options available to the user.

Of course, users are free to exchange one cryptocurrency with another once they have it in their wallets. Phemex provides an extremely simple exchange interface for users that do not want to use the complicated trading interface.

When it comes to trading, it is possible to engage in both spot and futures trading on Phemex. The trading interface is once again less complicated than some of the other exchanges on the market. However, that may be to the detriment of advanced traders, as they may not have access to all the features they need.

Phemex Premium

Phemex also offers a premium membership for users that want to trade large volumes of crypto. There are two kinds of premium memberships: trial premium and full premium.

Both of the premium memberships allow users to engage in spot trading without having to pay any fees. The fees are also lowered for bot trading, where traders make use of automated algorithms to let a bot trade on their behalf.

Full premium memberships also allow users to withdraw funds with no limits and engage in hourly withdrawals. On top of that, full premium memberships are the only ones that allow users to place conditional orders.

Just remember that the premium memberships do not reduce the fees on futures trading in any way. That said, users that trade a lot on the spot markets will be able to save a lot of money by becoming a premium member.

Phemex DeFi

As stated previously, the one area where Phemex is particularly lacking is DeFi. In fact, there is only one DeFi feature available on the exchange. It allows for users to lock in their crypto for a fixed period of time and earn interest on it.

The interest rates vary depending on the coin, with USDT usually commanding the highest interest rate. If users are unwilling to commit their funds for a particular time, it is also possible for them to enter into a flexible agreement where it is possible for them to withdraw funds at any time. However, the interest rates are also substantially lower in this case.

Phemex Mobile Apps

The one area where Phemex must be commended is its mobile app. It is available on both Android and iOS, and is one of the highest-rated crypto exchange apps on the Google Play Store.

While the iOS app has a slightly lower rating, both of them are easily usable and are virtually a bug-free experience. Since the exchange itself is so simple, the apps allow users to do everything that they would be able to do on a PC.

The one thing we would recommend is to avoid trading on the phone app. The screen size is simply too small for it to be a worthwhile experience. However, the app is a great way for users to monitor their trades on the go and exit when the time is right.

Use the Phemex Referral Code GNFLL Now

Phemex takes a unique approach to the idea of crypto exchange, and the end result is that it is one of the most user-friendly crypto exchanges out there.

Users signing up to the exchange can use the code GNFLL to claim the best welcome bonus currently available on the exchange.

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